Mount Vernon & Tilly Mill Road Public Information Open House

The city of Dunwoody is hosting a public information open house to gather community input on the dangerous three intersections comprising the triangle of Mount Vernon Road and Tilly Mill Road and Mt. Vernon Place. Bike Walk Dunwoody would like to ask that the design have the number one priority of safety that starts with the most vulnerable: Pedestrians, disabled, children and the elderly. Then move on to accommodate the transit bus stops and persons on bicycles. Traffic calming must be included, as we need to design our streets so that motor vehicles cannot drive faster than the posted speed limit of 35 MPH. Pedestrian flashing beacons and warning lights when cars are speeding do not change the built environment. Instead, proper engineering is required.

CS Hierarchy

Meeting Infomation

All Saints Catholic Church

2443 Mt Vernon Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Tuesday, August 16, 2016: 6-8 pm


Some items to consider:


  • Eliminate right-turn / decel lanes
  • Add Pedestrian Safety Crossing Islands
  • At each intersection, make the turns 90-degrees (instead of curved cut outs that increase speeds)
  • At each intersection, add bulb outs for pedestrian sidewalk access & safety
  • Add 5-ft wide bike lanes on Tilly Mill and Mt. Vernon Road.

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Mt. Vernon Place at Mt. Vernon:

  • Right in, right out only (Just like at Nandia Lane. No left turn onto Mt. Vernon. No left turn from Mt. Vernon)
  • Pedestrian Safety Crossing Island on Mt. Vernon
  • Eastbound on Mt. Vernon, eliminate the right lane decel/turn/merge onto Mt. Vernon Place. This present design increases motor vehicle speeds and reduces safety for all users – drivers, pedestrians, persons on bicycles.


Tilly Mill at Mt. Vernon Place:

  • Make an all-way stop
  • Add red flashing beacons
  • Add Pedestrian Safety Crossing Island

Mt. Vernon Place

  • Seek a reduction in speed limit from 35 MPH to 25 MPH as it is a residential street.
  • Add traffic calming features on southbound approach to Tilly Mill intersection.
  • Insure sidewalks are complete between Mt. Vernon Rd & Tilly Mill.


Mt. Vernon at Tilly Mill

  • Create Bulb Outs for pedestrian sidewalk access on all four corners, requiring motor vehicles when turning right to come to a complete stop (when red), or slow down (when green).
  • Westbound Mt. Vernon Road, approaching Tilly Mill: Widen road from Northchester Court to Wellesley Ln to accommodate two 5-ft bike lanes (one in each direction), and straight vehicle travel lane through the light at Tilly Mill. (leaving room for a dedicated left-turn lane onto Tilly Mill)


Tilly Mill between Mt. Vernon Place and Mt. Vernon Road

  • Seek a reduction in speed limit from 35 MPH to 25 MPH
  • Install 5-ft bike lane
  • Remove right turn decel lane into Beaumont Lane. Decel lanes increase motor vehicle speeds and reduce safety for all users.
  • MARTA Bus Stop at Sandell Drive & at Mt. Vernon: Add bus pull over, covered seating area with bench, trash receptacle, etc.


Mt. Vernon Road between Tilly Mill and Mt. Vernon Place

  • Install 5-ft bike lane
  • Contiguous sidewalks on south side of Mt. Vernon
  • Remove westbound decel lane at Gramercy Ct. Decel lanes increase motor vehicle speeds and reduce safety for all users.

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