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The Sandy Springs City Council will be having their FIRST READ in a Work Session of their proposed Bike/Ped Trail Plan  on Tuesday (12/2) at 6 pm.

The Staff is RECOMMENDING approval of the plan – as is…and there’s some important things that need feedback from the cycling community.

Dependent on the feedback they receive on Tuesday night, this plan is scheduled to be voted on as early as December 16th.

Download the actual agenda Item & draft plan as being presented here (29 MB file)

Review the plan history documents & study documents here:

Please either:

  1. Come 15 minutes early. Sign up for Public Comments.
  2. Send emails to your friends & network asking for attendance

Review the plan & provide feedback. Either in-person or via email. The overarching feedback is:

1.  Eliminate or greatly reduce the use of Sidepaths from the plan (See Figure ES1. Most of the recommendations are Sidepaths). Do not look at the PCID Commuter Trail Plan & their suggestions for Sidepaths. The PCID Plan has not been voted upon by elected officials nor has received any public input. (It was approved by the PCID Board of Directors). Sidepaths are very dangerous in urban areas and oftentimes merely serve as wide sidewalks.

Instead of Sidepaths, use Cycletracks / Protected Bike Lanes as defined by NACTO and by the Greenlane Project.


“The primary type of separated facility that would be practical in Sandy Springs is the “sidepath” or shared-use path that is located immediately adjacent and parallel to a roadway.”

And further states:

“Each and every driveway or side street a sidepath crosses is a potential conflict point. The AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities cautions against using sidepaths in other than a narrow set of conditions because of their operational concerns.”

  1. Adopt the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide(adopted by the City of Atlanta)
  2. Adopt a Complete Streets policy
  3. Require developers to install bike lanes (as they do in Dunwoody)

Email your feedback to: Easy Copy/paste format:

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected][email protected]; [email protected]

Mayor & Council:

Rusty Paul                           [email protected]

John Paulson              [email protected]

Ken Dishman              [email protected]

Graham McDonald          [email protected]

Gabriel Sterling                 [email protected]

Tibby DeJulio                     [email protected]

Andy Bauman                    [email protected]

John McDonough, City Manager:                                              [email protected]

Bryant Poole, Assistant City Manager:                                    [email protected]

Angela Parker, Community Development Director:          [email protected]

Garrin Coleman, Director of Public Works:                            [email protected]


If you are on Facebook & want to be involved with Bicycling Advocacy in Sandy Springs, please join / follow / like the Bike Sandy Springs Facebook group.

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