City Council & Dunkin Donuts: Keep the Bike Lane at North Peachtree

Donut bike

Action Alert for TODAY: 3/28/2016

Please send an email, call city hall, come to the council meeting tonight & speak up in support for the continuation of bike lanes on North Peachtree.

City Staff is recommending that a new development –a Dunkin Donuts shop on the corner of Cotillion- have the requirement to install a bike lane along their property frontage be waived.

Waiver Request & Staff recommendation click HERE

Staff writes

“RECOMMENDATION Considering the context described above, staff considers the existing pavement width adequate for the proposed development and recommends granting a waiver for the requirement to install bicycle lanes.”


If Dunwoody is to continue its development as one of the best places to live and work in the Atlanta area, we need to make it easier for alternative modes of transportation, including safe bicycling. That is why the development code wisely mandates bicycle lanes as part of improvement projects like this proposed donut shop. Once this bike lane exists it will be easier to connect it to other segments as our roads improve.

The claimed rationale – “285 serves as a barrier already so Dunkin Donuts can slide free” -is illogical. We should be trying to improve access and safety everywhere we can, not settling for defective roads because we can’t reach perfection right away. Many other persons ride bicycles under 285 in Dunwoody EVERY DAY. The existing deficiency should not be compounded by restricting SAFE infrastructure improvements to the north.

Long term plans provide that one of these days Dunwoody will have good bike access everywhere – let’s keep moving forward on that commendable initiative. Please ask the city council to keep the bike lane requirements for this location on North Peachtree. North Peachtree from Tilly Mill down to I-285 and into Chamblee / Brookhaven is a major North-South route that many persons use riding on bicycles.

Dunwoody has developed codes to improve our City with a vision in mind.  Developers should not be given waivers on these codes, but should contribute to the improvement of our City if they decide to locate here.  We should ask for improvements even beyond codes with conditions of rezoning (if needed).

Look at the newly approved QuickTrip gas station in Brookhaven on Buford Highway. Their city council went above & beyond their existing code and that gas station is adding bike racks, a bike repair station and installing access points for the future Peachtree Creek Greenway. Surely as a minimum this for-profit business entity can follow our minimum prescriptive requirements and install a bike lane. Story here and here.

Furthermore, if you contact Chamblee officials, you will learn of their proposed redevelopment along Savoy Drive, to include bicycle facilities. Also a new townhome development in Chamblee has been approved south of 285 along North Peachtree, too. We need these important non-motorized connectivity points.

This intersection has heavy traffic.  It is at the intersection of I-285 exit ramp, North Peachtree and Cotillion.  Dunkin Donuts sees heavy traffic too, so they want a store there.  It might even increase their business with bicycle riders.

Send your emails to

Denny Shortal <[email protected]>;

John Heneghan <[email protected]>;

Terry Nall <[email protected]>;

Lynn Deutsch <[email protected]>;

Jim Riticher <[email protected]>;

Doug Thompson <[email protected]>;

Pam Tallmadge <[email protected]>

Or [email protected]

And copy:

Public Works Director: [email protected]

And Community Development Director: [email protected]

Attend & Speak up at tonight’s Council Meeting

Arrive by 5:40 pm. Signup for Public Comments and sound your voice for funding SAFE STREETS for ALL PEOPLE over additional paving.  Fill out a 3×5 Public Comment card & hand it in to the Clerk BEFORE the meeting starts at 6 pm.

Address: 41 Perimeter Center East. Ground Floor.