Council Voting on new trails tonight! (4/13)

Phase III --YES

Last minute notice / call for action: Tonight, Monday, April 13th our Dunwoody City Council is voting whether to build Phase III of our Dunwoody Trailway & create a new 5-acre park on the corner of North Shallowford & Pernoshal. There is one consolidated project that includes BOTH the 5-acre Pernoshal Park **PLUS ** the Phase III trail from Brook Run. As part of the park project, they will also build the segment of the trail, previously known as Phase IV. When complete, this will create a continuous trail connection from North Peachtree & Peeler in Brook Run Park all the way over to Chamblee-Dunwoody, just north of Old Spring House Lane. What an incredible opportunity we have here!


Tell your friends, neighbors & co-workers about this vote tonight

  1. Send an email to our Mayor & Council voicing your support. ASK them to vote YES, and ask them to respond back to you with their stance on this awesome project. E-mail: [email protected]
  2. Come to the City Council session tonight by 5:45 pm. Sign up for Public Comments & voice your support! We know there are people that aren’t so keen on building trails in our hometown of Dunwoody. We know they’ll be in attendance and most likely will be voicing their opinions, too. That’s ok, as everyone should have a chance to be heard. BUT, the Mayor & Council needs to hear from you, too.

How to sign up for Public Comments:

Arrive by 5:45 pm (starts at 6 pm). Fill out Public Comment sign-up card. They are sitting on the table at the back of the room next to the door. Hand your card up front BEFORE the meeting starts to the City Clerk. She sits to the left-hand side of the podium. You have 3 minutes to speak when called. Be thankful, positive and simply speak from your heart.

With a majority yes vote and YOUR HELP, we could see something like this very soon in our town

Trailblazer Bridge over creek