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Bike-Walk Dunwoody Logo + Tag line

Bike-Walk Dunwoody is all about Connecting our Community.

We focus on pedestrian and bicycle transportation options for recreation, going to school, meeting friends for coffee, commuting, family outings, or just to get out and get some fresh air.

We concentrate on the 8 year olds as well as the 80 year olds.

The main tenets are Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Engineering, and Evaluation.

Goals / Objectives:

Extracts from Dunwoody Master Transportation Plan (page 78. PDF page 84):

Promote awareness and education initiatives to bring about the benefits associated with walking and biking

  • Encourage an annual recreational bike ride around the City
  • Allow use of showers at recreational centers for bike commuters
  • Endorse Bike to Work and Walk to School Day
  • Host valet bike parking at downtown events
  • Support Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Weeks and safety classes through the Recreation Department and City schools
  • Publicize the bicycle and pedestrian network and other planning initiatives through publications and the City’s website. Consider an interactive online bicycle and pedestrian network map.
  • Encourage the distribution of information on safety/legal requirements and/or benefits of walking/biking (e.g., “Did You Know” posters) through local bicycle shops, grocery stores, banks, doctor/dentist offices, and park and recreational centers
  • Sponsor and coordinate pedestrian safety courses amongst City law enforcement officers
  • Create a citywide helmet and bicycle light promotion program
  • Work with local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups to promote “riding tips” or “walking tips” clinics
  • Provide a space for bicycling clubs, advocacy groups, and other related interest
  • groups to meet and hold classes and workshops
  • Hold ceremonies and “ribbon-cuttings” to celebrate bicycle program and infrastructure accomplishments
  • Create a Bicycle Officer Program that emphasizes education over punishment.

o    The City of Davis, California promotes safety and awareness through enforcement by its police department called the Bicycle Officer Program. Applying this type of program in the City of Dunwoody would require having an officer on a bicycle and focusing on various bicycle infractions, such as running a stop sign, running a red light, and lack of bicycle lights when riding at night. Enforcement would concentrate in the commercial and education nodes, such as Perimeter Center, Dunwoody Village, and Georgia Perimeter College. As a way to promote education traffic laws and etiquette to bicyclists, the officer could issue warning tickets as a way to prevent discouraging new or inexperienced riders. When warranted, tickets are issued; however, the City of Davis has instituted incentives as well, such as offering a discount on a bicycle light at a local bicycle shop with a ticket for a missing bicycle light.


At-Large public citizens, who live, work or play in Dunwoody. They may also include representatives from the business community (Chamber of Commerce, PCID), Healthcare profession, Perimeter Transportation & Sustainability Coalition, Georgia Perimeter College, K-8 Safe Routes to School; And City Staff: To include the Bike/Ped Coordinator (TBD), Community Development, Director of Sustainability, Public Works, Parks & Recreation, Police.

Duration, Membership, Commitment, etc.

This is a organization, with “at will” participation, open to those to choose to help. We ask that members be available to spend at least 2-3 hours per month periodically outside of meetings in volunteering and working on action items.


As a minimum, the group will meet once per calendar quarter and advertise such on the Website & Social Media in advance.

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